about EPIC FU

"Geek" culture is what we're about, and it's the new cool culture for this generation. Being a geek is all about having a passion for something—films, bands, technology, video games, going green—and that passion makes you totally kick ass! EPIC FU is all about stoking the flames of geek passion, and therefore improves your kick to ass ratio with every viewing.

Created by Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf, EPIC FU is a new way of thinking about popular culture -- it's about conversation and interaction. Entertainment is a two-way street now.

EPIC FU is a two-time Webby Award Winner and a four-time nominee, and a two-time Streamy Award Winner, and is considered one of the most respected original web series on the Internet.

How does EPIC FU make money?

We work with various advertising partners to figure out how to present their message to our audience. This may include ad placement within the show, banners on the website, or a combination of both.

We never do any sponsor or product integration without a clear indicator that a sponsor has provided consideration to the show. We do not accept payment or other compensation in exchange for a product's inclusion in editorial content.


Created and Produced by: Steve Woolf and Zadi Diaz
Special thanks: Rick Rey, Mike Ambs, Annie Tsai, Sarah Atwood, Daniel Merlot

All things conceptual, design and tech is produced in-house at Smashface. Video hosting provided by Blip.tv.

All EPIC FU shows are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommercial - No Derivatives (BY-NC-ND) 3.0 License. Some rights reserved.

Wait, wasn't this show called JETSET a while back?

Yes, it surely was. From June 2006 until October 2007 JETSET was born, grew up, and thrived. But it wasn't unique, and we reached a point where the name was no longer right for what we were doing and where we wanted to go.

We always described our show as the new pop culture. What we meant by that was the strictest definition of the new POPULAR culture. For the people growing up now, the Internet is the defining cultural engine. Our show was always about exploring that culture and talking about all the people who were empowered by a new kind of media. That is the new popular culture as we see it.

With EPIC FU we have something unique that we can fully own. In every sense of the word. :)