free music: radiohead remix by amplive + controversy
Posted by Rick Rey

Last December, Oakland DJ Amplive announced he would release a free remix album of Radiohead's In Rainbows. But he made the mistake of not getting permission from the Radiohead camp, which apparently was a no-no because he received a cease and desist from Radiohead's management and the whole project was nixed.

Soon after, Amplive issued a public plea in the form of a YouTube video (below). You can see clearly his frustration, disappointment, and confusion about the whole situation.

It sparked a lot of mixed feelings from fans and bloggers. After all, Radiohead became the darling of the music industry after they independently distributed In Rainbows, and it didn't make sense why they would prevent the remix album -- created by an independent artist who is openly a huge Radiohead fan -- from being released. Regardless a lot of people wanted to get their hands on the remix and support for Amplive popped up all over the web.

All the press and public support Amplive received made Radiohead's camp reevaluate their position, or rather, clarify their position and set the terms for the remix's release. As of this week the album is available for immediate download. Amplive's label 1776 had this to say: agreement has been reached between all involved parties and Amplive has been granted permission to release Rainydayz Remixes for free to the general public.

In response Amplive released another video thanking Radiohead and his fans:

So there you have it. A happy ending! I'm glad to see this thing released with Radiohead's blessing, because we all know it would have seen the light of day anyway. It's nice to know the big guys and little guys can play friendly. Don't forget to download the remix and artwork if you haven't already.

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