greener gadgets competition
Posted by Steve Woolf

The quite awesome Core77 industrial design blog held The Greener Gadgets Design Competition this month as part of the Greener Gadgets Conference in New York City.

I almost majored in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute during my college days (I wound up majoring in Painting), so I have always been appreciative of elegantly designed everyday objects. These designs take things a step further, because they are made to be sustainable and eco-conscious from the ground up.

Check out the Krank LED lamp entry, which received the honor of being a notable mention in the competition. You crank the stem of the lamp to generate 40-60 minutes of light.

The Bamboo is a bio-degradable mobile phone case. It's made from bio-plastic (corn) and bamboo (wood).

Check out the competition site to see all the forward-thinking and elegant designs.

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