quit your day job and vlog -- zadi diaz, lisa nova, bre pettis, lindsay campbell, tim shey
Posted by Steve Woolf

Now that we're back from SXSW and Berlin, it's time to catch up on everything that we've been doing.

Tim Shey of Next New Networks organized a panel at SXSW that was titled, "Quit Your Day Job and Vlog."

The video is the full length of the panel, so it's about an hour. Just fyi. If you're interested in online video and know a bit about the people on the panel (or want to know), this was very interesting. I couldn't help but sit in the audience and be struck by what a special time this is for those of us working in this industry. And how open and giving almost everyone is.

Here's the summary of the panel:

Is it possible yet to make a living in online video? Hear from some of the people who have made videoblogging their main endeavor as to where they think video on the internet is going, how they got where they are, and how you can get into it, too. Our panelists, well-known figures in online video, will share experiences working with big media companies, startups, news organizations, and Hollywood as they've charted their way through the space. Key takeaways will include an overview of opportunities for videobloggers and filmmakers to get regular paying gigs creating content; how to get started, either independently or pitching your talents to a company or organization; and a discussion of the types of online video jobs there are right now, from entertainment to reporting to marketing and communications. We'll also ask the audience about their own thoughts about online video, and whether they think there are enough viable opportunities for everyone that may be interested. Videobloggers, filmmakers, and online video creators are encouraged to attend and share their experiences.

Zadi Diaz   Principal,   Smashface Productions LLC

Bre Pettis   Video Podcaster,   Make:

Timothy Shey   Founder,   Next New Networks

Lisa Donovan  Zappin Productions

Lindsay Campbell   Producer/Host,   Wallstrip CBS Interactive