365 days of trash
Posted by Steve Woolf

Reblogged from Rick's blog:

Dave Chamdeides is just over 90 days into a year-long project to store all of his trash in his own basement.

From Dave's frequently asked questions:

Why are you doing this? Did you lose a bet or something?
Actually believe it or not, this was an idea that a friend and I came up with (although it is hardly a unique one) that I really wanted to try. We were talking about the idea of throwing things "away" and how "away" is just that, somewhere other than here. It occurred to us that it is easy to waste because we are not confronted with that waste since it goes "away" and then began to wonder how our choices would differ if we had to keep everything in a pile in the backyard. So the idea is to keep everything for a year and in doing so, be able to see how much waste I create and how much I can avoid.

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