EXTRA! interview with "super high me" creators
Posted by Rick Rey

Over the next week I'll be posting a few segments that didn't make it on the show. In this first installment, Zadi sits down with the creators of the new film Super High Me, which follows comedian Doug Benson as he pledges to smoke pot every day for 30 days.

The timing of this piece isn't completely random -- the studio is hosting 1,100 free screenings around the country tomorrow, which just so happens to be 4/20.

There are a couple ways to look at this film. Yes, it's a stoner movie, and Doug Benson is a pretty funny guy so comedic-wise I'm sure it's entertaining. It can also be a springboard for a discussion about casual vs. addictive drug use, and the ethics of harmful vs. non-harmful substance use.

Be sure to share your thoughts about the film in the comments.