flickr community divided about video
Posted by Rick Rey

photo by sa_steve

Video on Flickr has only been active for a day, and already a subset of the Flickr community has banded together against it. The We Say NO to Videos on Flickr group has 20,000 members and has submitted over 1,200 photos to the group's photo pool -- most of which carry an anti-video sentiment like the one above.

The introduction of 90-second video clips has many members worried that their beloved photo site will turn into a YouTube clone.

Personally, I like the idea of videos on Flickr -- especially considering the ultra-short nature of the clips. But I wonder if they should have a better way of distinguishing between the 2 types of media (e.g. video clips still have the word "photos" in their URL's).

What do you guys think? Will Flickr be forever changed?