john mayer is customer service kryptonite
Posted by Rick Rey
John Mayer here
It's pretty much certain that John Mayer will not rest until he's the center of a huge internet meme. I think he may have inadvertently stumbled onto something with his recent Apple crash report.

In case you missed the crash heard round the world -- John was having a problem with his iTunes crashing, so he filed a wordy crash report prefaced with the phrase "John Mayer here." He then took screenshots of said report and posted it on his blog.

Apple quickly responded to the report (I've never heard of a major software company personally responding to what is typically an anonymous bug report) and the world cried out in jealousy. "Why should he get special service just because he's famous?"

The complaints didn't last long, however, once people realized they could simply pretend to be John Mayer when in need and similarly receive 5-star service.

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