epic fu on diggnation, live from nyc!
Posted by Steve Woolf
announcing epic fu on the live diggnation in nyc

The week before last Zadi and I flew to New York to meet up with the Diggnation crew and Revision3 team. They taped a live Diggnation and held a Digg meetup at a venue in Brooklyn, about 20 blocks from where we lived prior to moving to Los Angeles. To make the announcement about EPIC FU joining Revision3, we were super excited to appear on Diggnation as the first guests they've ever had on the show.

Our appearance is really quick and the audio levels on the mic were low, but we hit the stage at about the 35-minute mark in the show. Big thanks to Kevin and Alex for having us on the show, and a special thanks to the Revision3 team -- Damon Berger, David Prager, Sarah Lane, and of course Jim Louderback -- for getting us to New York to take part in the festivities!