epic spotlight: hadouken!
Posted by Rick Rey

Video game fans might recognize the name Hadouken from the classic Street Fighter series. That Hadouken was a devastating fireball special move -- this Hadouken is an English grime band with hip-hop and dancehall influences.

The group came together in fall of 2006 and started to get a lot of attention after the release of their music video for That Boy That Girl in early 2007. They just debuted their first full-length album Music For An Accelerated Culture last month.

They incorporate techno into their sound and samples from Nintendo Game Boy sounds.[9] Hadouken!'s songs deal with subjects such as binge drinking, youth culture, the commercial appropriation of underground music, relationships and debt. -Wikipedia

Lots of energy and grimey fun in their new video for Crank It Up:

And be sure to check out their Myspace and mildly neglected blog.

tags: grime, hiphop