epic spotlight: meanest man contest
Posted by Rick Rey

Meanest Man Contest is a hip-hop duo featuring Quarterbar and Eric Steuer. The guys met in college and first started recording rap songs on a "barely-working 4-track." In 2002 they released their first single, Contaminated Dance Step.

From their blog:

Meanest Man Contest's music has evolved around a constantly expanding set of influences. MMC's first LP, "Merit," pushed their sound into thoughtful, atmospheric places with jazz samples and live guitar. More recently, the duo has stretched the boundaries of its roots with releases like the off-kilter pop EP "Some People," the electro-tinged single "Throwing Away Broken Electronics," and the hip-hop LP "Split."

It's also interesting to note that Eric Steuer has a cool day job: he's the Creative Director at Creative Commons and the co-founder of the indie label Sneakmove Recordings.

The Throwing Away Broken Electronics EP is out now. You can download it for free at RCRD LBL.

Throwing Away Broken Electronics

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