epic spotlight: omodaka
Posted by Rick Rey

Omodaka is a Japanese-based collaborative project between lead musician Soichi Terada and a group of visual artists. The visuals are very much part of the overall Omodaka experience, and Terada himself is said to work closely with the director, dancers, and graphic artists during the video creation process.

Omodaka's music has been described as chiptune or 8-bit, because of the electronic influences and similarities to video game compositions. Soichi Terada has composed the music soundtracks for the Japanese PS2 games Fantavision and Futari no Fantavision.

Terada is another example of a musician who came from a non-musical educational background. He studied computer science at the University of Electro-Communications, but eventually shifted to music full-time. He even started his own indie music label called Far East Recording.

Kyoteizinc is from their latest album, Favorite Games:

Picture 3