epic spotlight: the black ghosts
Posted by Annie Tsai

The Black Ghosts is comprised of British duo Simon Lord and Theo Keating. The two actually met on the internet and wrote the first half of their album before meeting face to face. They sent music and lyrics back and forth in emails... in an interview last year they said it was "a bit like a musical version of chinese whispers."

Personally, I can't resist this track's catchy beat and (ironically) repeating lyrics. The video, by Skill Wizard, utilizes a copious amount of hats and is awesomely quirky and fun. I wish there was a behind the scenes video, I'd like to see an array of all the hats they used.

Here's another track from them: "I Want Nothing". It's been getting a lot of play at the EPIC FU office...

Their self-titled debut album comes out July 8th, you can pre-order it here. Their EP is also available on iTunes.