fu of the week: elon musk
Posted by Rick Rey


Elon Musk is the principal owner and chairman of Tesla Motors, an electric car company that actually released a 100% electric car -- their first model is a gorgeous sports car dubbed the Roadster. In April, they opened their first U.S. showroom in Los Angeles where Zadi got a chance to speak with Elon about electric cars and some of Elon's other endeavors.

Elon is pretty much the definition of a modern entrepreneur. Aside from Tesla, he co-founded SpaceX, a company that develops space exploration technologies. He also sits as chairman of solar panel energy company called SolarCity. Don't ask me how he finds time for everything.

As you can tell from the interview, he's really excited about using his companies and technologies as an instrument for change. He wants to move away from our reliance on fossil fuels and make alternative energy sources more economical and practical for average people. If that isn't a FU I don't know what is.

And although the Roadster is way out of most people's price range (the MSRP is near the $100,000 mark), Tesla is in the early stages of a second model, a roomier cross-over type, at about half the cost. There is even talk of a less expensive third model.

So that means in about 5 years I might be able to afford a Tesla myself. Isn't it crazy how just 1 person or 1 company can completely change the landscape? I hope the big auto companies follow suit.

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