fu of the week: jacob soboroff of
Posted by Rick Rey


This week our FU of the Week is served by Jacob Soboroff, the Executive Director of -- a non-partisan organization dedicated to increasing voter participation through election reform.

Sounds stuffy, but really it's not. They ask a simple question: Why do Americans vote on Tuesdays? Why not another day, why not weekends, why not on a national holiday? You might be surprised by the answer. Be sure to watch Zadi's interview with Jacob to hear his explanation.

Jacob does a lot of videoblogging for He's interviewed politicians, voters, and educators about topics ranging from voter fraud, election reform, voter ID cards, and of course, the question of the hour -- why do we vote on Tuesday?

My personal favorite video from Jacob is when he hit the streets on Presidents' Day, a national holiday that arbitrarily falls on a Monday. If we can move Presidents' Day around to give people a 3 day weekend, why can't we move election day?

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