mix member spotlight: videoblog round-up
Posted by Annie Tsai

This week we're spotlighting several members' videoblogs on MIX. First up, ksawyer does a weekly music round-up show called New Sound Now. In this first episode, he showcases some great music videos, sources for free music, and discusses the usefulness of artist videos. I love the video he features from the Raveonettes, the chorus from "Dead Sound" has been stuck in my head since. ksawyer also fosters some thought-provoking discussion on censorship.

k3wlTV shares his rants on a myriad of topics. Here he gives us a heaping dose of "shawnsense" on when is someone too old to be a hipster (answer: never), how to say "nose" in Swedish (answer: ga-noggin?), and the number of cups of coffee he's had today (answer: three). Whew.

Lee Ortiz gives us his thoughts in a personal videoblog as he prepares to graduate from high school. I remember the excitement of being a senior: driver's ed, getting ready for college, and planning a senior trip. Lee even gives us a peek at his slick senior page in the yearbook. What kind of experiences did you have when finishing secondary school?

Vittorio Adinolfi has an Italian film noir serial called Nea Polis complete with conspiracy, gun fights, and plenty of drama. These short but incredibly well-produced videos are already in their third season. Check them all out here.

Drew makes a stop motion video documenting the process of each of his large paintings. Fellow MIX member pelicanstocks calls his style "like picasso at a rave." Watching the art come together is awe-inspiring. More of his art can be seen here.