spotlight: bluejuice
Posted by Zadi Diaz

I don't know how I came across Bluejuice. I was in all probability following some online breadcrumb trail. All I know is that once I clicked on the music video for their song Vitriol, I literally had to be dragged away from the computer in order to stop playing it. Okay, that's a little extreme, but the song is damn good. The video features Bluejuice performing as a religious cult on a city street. You can see by people's faces that most were extremely confused. I mean, since when is it okay to really dig the music of a group who may be totally insane? The answer: always.

Based out of Australia, the five member indie band describes their sound as a mix of "party-oriented mix of rock, hip hop, electro and disco." Whatever it is, it kinda makes you want to punch someone into happy oblivion. Does that make sense? Well it definitely makes you want to dance like a retard. Not politically correct, but true.

Though their album, Problems, was released in August 2007, it's the kind of music that has a long shelf-life. And really, it's still new to most of us outside of Sydney, so I'm hoping that we'll all be dancing like retards to Bluejuice's songs for a long time to come.

tags: music