artist of the week: above
Posted by Steve Woolf

On this week's show we profiled the artist Above, specifically his Sign Language Tour project. He's obviously influenced by graffiti and pop culture, and it's interesting that the mission statement on his website asks more questions than it answers. And if you want to buy any of his work, you are required to fill out a questionnaire first. Heh. :)

Above went across North America and Europe and installed spinning mobiles in different cities. There's a lot of subversiveness to this project, but Above doesn't offer much commentary on his site about it. He does have a brief running commentary with quotes and other short tidbits related to the project, but they all seem to fit the theme of asking more questions than they answer. Which is cool, in my opinion. It should be our job to ask ourselves what we think about the artwork.

He also takes some great photos:

And puts up bombs all over the globe: