artist of the week: the me nobody knows (tmnk)
Posted by Zadi Diaz

Our Artist of the Week this week is The Me Nobody Knows, otherwise known as TMNK. His work is reminiscent of Jean Michel Basquiat -- except his styling is completely fresh. He takes his surrounding experiences and translates them on canvas, resulting in a body of work which is personal, rich, authentic, narrative and slightly melancholy.

There is more to my community than violence and drugs. There's beauty, and there's culture, and there are talented positive people, just like "me," that nobody knows.
Another brotha senselessly murdered the local headlines read. Only this this time the brotha, Mu Mu Rodriguez was someone this nobody knew, a friend. [more]

Use whatever you need for motivation, just rise, flap your damn wings and SOAR! I have no other choice (bad knees - wink) - TMNK [more]

You're losing me. YOU'VE lost me. And by the time you've awaken from your dreamy float, it will be too late. Sorry nobody's here. [more]

Whenever I introduce myself, "Hi, I'm NOBODY," many people say, "Don't say that, YOU ARE SOMEBODY." I know that... But if most would think I was a nobody, then that means EVEN A NOBODY can make a difference, have a dream and reach it. [more]