epic spotlight: those dancing days
Posted by Annie Tsai

Those Dancing Days is 5 young women: Linnea Jonsson (vocals), Rebecka Roifart (guitar), Cissi Edraimsson (drums), Lisa Pyk (keyboards), and Mimmi Evrell (bass guitar), who got together in 2005 to play music while they were still in high school. The band, which hails from Stockholm, Sweden, was just recently signed to Wichita Recordings, home also to bands like Bloc Party, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Peter Bjork & John. The singer's voice (and hair) is amazing, and its plain to see that the girls have a great time making music. Their video for "Run, Run" is super cute and fun to watch as well.

I learned something really interesting from their interview with Swedesplease: Sweden is super supportive of their musical enteprisers! The girls used to rehearse at a state-run youth center that loaned instruments and practice space to kids for a small cost. What a neat idea. Kudos, Swedish government, for lowering the barrier of entry for young musicians!