NIN loves its fans... and google earth!
Posted by Annie Tsai

Hardcore Nine Inch Nails fans got a special treat last week when Trent Reznor and company hid tickets to a private concert all over Los Angeles. More than twenty question marks appeared on a Google Earth map that NIN put out on their tour page. The question marks were labeled with phrases like "Men's room. Behind the mirror. Be discreet," and "Incredibly ugly hat. Last pair of tickets." Quick-thinking fans noted the GPS coordinates of question marks and set off on a treasure hunt, much like geocachers.

At each location there was a hidden white envelope marked with a question mark. Inside, were two tickets to a private invite-only show and directions on how to email and confirm the show's location. The envelopes were hidden in various ways: inside a drain pipe, inside a book on a shelf at Barnes and Noble, and on the base of the triceratops statue at the Natural History Museum, just to name a few. The headstone on the right is where a fan found the tickets labeled "A. Boner".

Nine Inch Nails has always treated its fans with love, releasing their album, "The Slip", online for free, and hosting other secret shows for members of their fan club. This ticket hunt is not the first stroke of marketing brilliance to come from NIN. Last year, they started an ARG for their album "Year Zero". Way to go to Trent and Nine Inch Nails for keeping the excitement alive for their most loyal fans.