pomplamoose is more than just fun to say!
Posted by Annie Tsai

Pomplamoose's song, "Pas Encore," is our Epic Spotlight for today's episode. Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn are two musicians that combined their talents to form Pomplamoose, derived from pamplemousse, the French word for "grapefruit". The video they put out for "Pas Encore" is set to create a new genre of music video, called a VideoSong. According to Jack, a VideoSong requires only 2 things: that everything you see is real (no lip-synching!), and that we have to see everything we hear. It's a fantastic way to show the many layers of instruments and vocals go into one song.

Nataly's voice is smooth and soulful, and the sprinkles of French lyrics are a delicate touch. Jack's creative use of instruments, especially with the cup of water is showcased well with this new VideoSong format. The two are adorable together, and we look forward to seeing what they come up with next.

All of their songs are available on their Myspace page for a dollar each. Support indie artists!