walled gardens suck major a$$
Posted by Zadi Diaz

So, if you watch EPIC FU, you know that we regularly feature music artists in the "Sh!t We Like" portion of the show. We love highlighting indie and up and coming musicians and exposing them to a wider audience.

Recently, we featured Peter Fox, who is a kick-ass German musician. He has his own web site and a MySpace page from which he streams some of his songs. Now, we reaaally love his most recent single Alles Neu, but the problem is that YOU CAN'T BUY IT ANYWHERE ONLINE. His record label Downbeat/Warner doesn't get it. What is the point of releasing a new music video on the web if you don't make the song readily available for everyone to buy?!?

This is especially true when it comes to international musicians. For example, iTunes makes it impossible to buy an album from an international artist. Wanna buy the latest single from a hot new DJ from the UK or Japan? You better hope the album is available in the US version of the store. It's a way to keep the borders up and to keep us all from expanding and developing our cross-cultural experience. It also keeps musicians who are repped by labels from potentially making more money from fans who want to support their work.

And you know what ends up happening? Limewire.