interview: second skin
Posted by Annie Tsai


On Thursday's episode, Zadi talked to Peter Brauer and Juan Carlos Piñeiro, the director and producer of Second Skin, a film about MMOs. The film goes way beyond the video game addiction that gets so much attention in traditional press and covers the social aspects of games, both virtually and in real life. World of Warcraft, Second Life, and Everquest create worlds where players can truly come as they are, or take on entirely different personas. Second Skin asks whether or not our lives are really becoming encapsulated inside these virtual worlds.

Second Skin follows seven gamers including: a couple that met and fell in love in an MMO, a guy whose WoW addiction nearly ruined his life, and goldfarmers in China. I have played WoW casually in the past, and I have friends that are hardcore, intense players. I've observed the bond that grows between guild members; it reaches levels some families have yet to attain, and I'll be damned if those friendships aren't as strong, if not stronger, than friendships in the non-virtual world.

Second Skin is screening at various conventions and festivals, and will hopefully be in theaters this fall.