epic spotlight: son of robot
Posted by Annie Tsai

Sometimes you get a song with lyrics like, "the surgery went bad." That's when you know you've got a gem. Thursday's spotlight is Son of Robot, a self-proclaimed "5 piece mock-hop-rock outfit from Brighton." The band consists of Scott Coello (keyboard), Matt Coello (drums), Olly Simmons (vocals), Luke Holmes (guitar and keyboard), and Sam Roberts (Bass).

The video was made by their own keyboardist, Scott. On the band's blog, he talks about using Photoshop, After Effects, and the Puppet Tool to animate hand-drawn components for the music video.

"After importing the image, I then use this thing called the Puppet Tool. It's a great way of rigging up characters, props, and whatever, so I can make movements and bring these still images to life.

The yellow 'dots' are the pins which, when moved, move apart of the image with it."

Currently the band is on a summer hiatus as they write new songs and work their "day jobs". We hope they come back in the Fall with more hilarious beats. Son of Robot's single "Breasts on his Back" is available on iTunes.