7 days w/o plastic: advice from
Posted by Zadi Diaz

Ryanne Hodson from supplied me with some basic important tips to keep in mind during my plastic-free week. I wanted to share her pointers with all of you.

The main point, and one that I found to be especially true is that my main plastic in-take came from food that was packaged in plastic containers. Avoiding these were difficult but surprisingly doable, especially if you're buying fresh food, which is ultimately better for your body.

Ryanne also suggested making food from scratch, which is the best idea. I love cooking, the problem is that most of the time that would have been allocated to cooking was spent working, so it wasn't an option during the project... I ended up buying cooked food during the week more than I spent cooking, but that certainly doesn't mean that I won't give baking bread a definite try.

As you can see, I'm writing these entries more in retrospect than real-time. I think it's given me time to process the entire experience and think about what it means and also how and if the project has really affected my way of living. As I said previously, even though the project officially lasted seven days, I'm taking it further and integrating it as a lifestyle change... More to come on day three and four.