7 days w/o plastic: second day
Posted by Zadi Diaz

So, my seven day adventure officially ended yesterday... and I'm only now catching up on the entire experience. I say "officially" because I'm actually going to continue this. I think seven days is a great start, but in order to get a real assessment of the scope of the project it has to last a bit longer so that you can see how you'll react when you come across certain situations that you may not encounter in those first seven days.

I'll tell you what though, seven days is definitely enough time to get you trained. My mind has become super hyper aware of how much plastic enters my life. I don't think I can go back from here. Actually, I know I can't.

Day two was unexpectedly easier... We made an early morning road trip to Las Vegas for the New Media Expo. When I say early morning, I mean we left Los Angeles at 12:30am and arrived in LV at about 5am. Didn't have anything to munch on during the car ride, but kept hydrated with my trusty thermos. It's been my lifesaver so far. I seriously didn't realize how many water bottles and Starbucks plastic cups I was using each day.

Once we got to LV, we crashed and woke up in the early afternoon. Ate a plum (that had a sneaky plastic label on it, like I mentioned previously) and had lunch at home. We were staying in at Steve's parents house, so we didn't have to buy any food... which nicely averted any encounters with the dreaded plastic.

Later that evening we headed over to the Revision3 party at the Double Down Saloon. I was prepared. Had a beer instead of the alcohol that was being served in plastic cup. I failed though when I took the "free drink" plastic chip that was being given out. But it was a win when I realized they just go back to the house, and are reusable. Later that night, it was a "fail" when I realized I took the chip home with me. I must have put it in my pocket without realizing.

Dinner that night was home-made, so no problem there. So all in all, I think I did pretty well for my second day...

Total Plastic Damage:
1 small plastic fruit label
1 plastic "free drink" chip