day 1 recap, starting day 2: seven days w/o plastic
Posted by Zadi Diaz

day one recap: seven days w/o plastic from Zadi Diaz on Vimeo.

So yesterday went fairly well, didn't take in much new plastic into my life except for the two unsuspecting condiment containers that came with my lunch. I have to remember to make sure to ask for no straws, etc. Those kinds of things just pop up without warning. Made me aware that there are many small plastic items that add up in the end.

The most embarrassing moment? Buying a dress and having to ask the attendant if they had paper bags -- otherwise I wouldn't be able to buy the dress. I of course said it was for a project... what can I say? I was afraid she would think I was completely nuts. Surprisingly, she completely dug what I was doing. Whew.


After dinner, I bought a chocolate chip cookie. Freshly made. Given to me in a small paper bag.

Last night we drove to Las Vegas and didn't get in until 5am. You can imagine that posting a video after an exhausting five hour drive fell second to plopping right into bed.

I did have my trusty thermos with me on the ride - so I kept hydrated. No munching on the short road trip... but I wasn't very hungry after dinner anyway.


Today will be interesting.

Woke up only a few hours ago and quickly grabbed a plum. What should be on the skin as I look down? A small plastic label. They stick those things on all types of fruit now. It makes it easier for the cashier to remember the PLU number when they're ringing you up. It's just funny how it was on an organic black plum. I'm realizing a lot of that happening now -- organic, good for you stuff, just all wrapped up in plastic. Ironic.

I'll be heading out to eat a late lunch... We're at a residential home, so there won't be much of a chance to buy anything plastic. Though, I know there are water bottles in the fridge -- I'll have to avoid opening those.

Tonight should prove a bit more difficult. I'm supposed to go to a bar... I wonder if they'll be serving alcohol in plastic cups? I might just stick with beer if they do.

Today's Lessons:

  1. Eating in is better than taking-out

  2. Remember to ask for "no straw"

  3. Be aware if there's dressing on the side. Make sure it's not plastic

  4. Freshly made desserts are better. They don't require packaging

Video recap of day two will come tomorrow. (gives me time to edit it together)