djvt is amsterdam hip hop
Posted by Rick Rey


DJVT is short for De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, a Dutch phrase that translates to The Youth of Today. They are an Amsterdam-based hip hop group known for being playful with their lyrics, and it definitely shows in their video for Hollereer.

When I first saw the video, I wasn't sure if it was a parody or just a Dutch-flavored version of hip hop. After a few viewings, I don't think it matters. The video is a lot of fun and the song is catchy with a great 8-bit beat.

There isn't a lot of english info about the group on the web. According to Wikipedia:

The group is comprised of Vieze Fur ("Dirty Fur") a.k.a. Vieze Freddie ("Dirty Freddie") or Baksteen ("Brick") (real name Freddie Tratlehner), P. Fabergé a.k.a. P. Dronq or Peppie (real name Pepijn Lanen) and Willie Wartaal a.k.a. WiWa (Wartaal means "gibberish" or "ravings") (real name Ollicio Locadia).

Their latest album De Machine was released in April and is available to purchase online.