epic spotlight: sickboy
Posted by Annie Tsai

Sickboy, a 3-piece punk band from Dublin, Ireland, brings us today's Epic Spotlight, "Silence in Conversation". When was the last time we had some good Irish punk on the show? Um, never?! I'm so glad we can finally add this track to our Epic Spotlight playlist.

Colm Giles (bass and vocals), Brian Giles (guitar and synth) and Dan Doherty (lyrics, drums and vocals) cite the Clash and Joy Division among their influences. The video was directed by Lorcan Finnegan, and his thoughts on the process are below:

"Two of the band members, Colm and Brian are identical twin brothers - like carbon copies of each other, which got me interested in the idea of copying and reproduction of images. I was also interested in the aesthetic of the home made fliers and self promotional material being produced by local bands, often cracked and torn black and white photocopies showing a picture of the band and a date etc. Also the idea of animating 'silent' photocopies of a face smushed up against the glass of a photocopier to make it appear as though they are singing was part of the idea.. So I photocopied Colm's face in a photocopier and got him to move it around as the light from the copier passed his face to create distortions - we made hundreds of photocopies with all the main mouth/facial shapes needed for lip sync. Then I shot them playing on whitescreen, photocopied the frames etc - put the mouth shapes in order and photographed them etc. I think it worked out pretty well in the end..."

I think it worked out pretty well, and I can't imagine how long it took to assemble the final video. Check out Sickboy's other music video, also directed by Lorcan, "Taken Away in a Car". Sickboy's EP by the same name is available here.