frank warren posts secrets
Posted by Annie Tsai

Frank Warren is the soft spoken man behind one of the most popular blogs on the Internet: PostSecret. Most people already know about the intimate project where people anonymously send in their secrets on beautifully crafted postcards. Frank created the project as an art installation before taking it to the web. As founder and curator, Frank receives hundreds of postcards from all over the world.

In our interview with Frank, he talks about his passion for postcards. Since he was a child, he's been fascinated by each postcard's ability to serve as an artistic medium for communication.

Some of the postcards are humorous idiosyncrasies, others harbor deeper emotions related to sexual abuse, depression, and regrets.

The community that was created around PostSecret is a place for fans to gather and discuss the postcards that get added to the blog each Sunday. It's also a forum for sharing secrets.

Send your secret to Frank and possibly the world at:
13345 Copper Ridge Rd.
German Town, MD 20874