hayden black is comedy FU
Posted by Steve Woolf

On this week's EPIC FU we sat down and talked to Hayden Black, who's best known on the web for creating the comedy series Goodnight Burbank and Abigail's Teen Diary. We've known Hayden for a few years now, and it's been great to watch the hard work he has put into his production elevate his profile and gain new audiences.

We first got to know Hayden through his work on Goodnight Burbank (embedded above). When it first came online, it brought a level of professionalism to web-based sitcoms that was only in one or two shows at the time. The writing and performances were sharper than the average web show, and he used a much larger cast than we'd normally seen. Burbank was a really ambitious show and received millions of views. And if you peruse the archive of episodes, you might come across a guest appearance by Zadi...

With his second show, Abigail's X-Rated Teen Diary, Hayden transitioned to a videoblog-style show based around the character of a 13-year-old girl. From the show's about page:

Abigail is a 13 year old girl who's blogging about school, boys, pop culture and living with Bloomberger's Syndrome. That's a (fictional) disease that prematurely ages the body, adds unwanted hair and bloats it to the point that she now looks like a 30-something guy.

One thing i really like about what Hayden has done with Abigail is to extend the character's presence to tons of online sites. Bebo, Facebook, MySpace, all over the place. And he built a site for the show that looks a lot like what a 13-year-old girl might put together.