manchester orchestra is a visual delight
Posted by Annie Tsai

Thursday's epic spotlight for is the video for Manchester Orchestra's single, "I Can Barely Breathe". The five guys - Andy Hull, Jonathan Corley, Jeremiah Edmond, Chris Freeman, Robert McDowell - hail from Atlanta, Georgia. The band reminds me of indie rockers like The Format -- especially on their sweet cover of Annuals' "Brother". In "I Can Barely Breathe," Hull's vocals have a slightly more gritty feel which is balanced out by the ethereal feel of this amazing HD music video.

Image copyright DestroyRockMusic

The video was designed and directed by Clay Lipsky and Jason Bognacki, also known as DestroyRockMusic. The guys utilized a RED ONE Camera for the video shoot.

"With no brief or script from the client and only a few references from the band about the origin of the song, the team at DestroyRockMusic in Hollywood were free to run wild. Director Clay Lipsky admits, "Multiple ideas came together to form the final direction. Ultimately we pitched a modern, dark spin on the Wizard of OZ that followed one girl's journey back home to rediscover her roots." With three days of live action lensing in RAW format on the RED camera (two in the desert, one in a poppy field in full bloom), plus greenscreen for macro elements combined with a massive library of textures, animations and HD stock, data management quickly became a major bottleneck. All of it was hammered into place over the course of two weeks in editing and post-production." - STASH Magazine

There are additional behind the scenes photos from the video shoot available on Clay's Flickr. "I Can Barely Breathe" is available on iTunes, along with the rest of their debut album, "I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child".