natalie portman's shaved head, whoa!
Posted by Annie Tsai


Natalie Portman's Shaved Head is Luke Smith, Shaun Libman, Claire England, David Price, Liam Downey Jr., all hailing from Seattle, where they met in high school. The video for "Sophisticated Side Ponytail" is out of this world. This is what I imagine Lisa Frank's older, hotter, cooler sister would be like, but with way better music. The producers of their video, Noel and Stefan of That Go, gave us some behind the scenes info on the video and how they all hooked up.

How did That Go form and get together with NPSH?
We met at the University of Washington. We were both part of the DXARTS program, where Noel is finishing his PhD and Stefan just got his BFA. We started making music videos together a few months ago.

We met Natalie Portman's Shaved Head through Martin Feveyear, a local producer who mixed their album.

What was the inspiration behind the video?
NPSH's first video, Ponytail, was ideal because it's so short and memorable. We approached it with the idea of mixing a rap video with the contents of your 14 year old sister's hard drive. We also like virtual reality. It's making a comeback. Our friends Matthew and Mollie helped us make these background collages and then we used the Quicktime VR format to animate them. A few of those QTVRs are available on the Ponytail Webzone.

NPSH was great to work with because they had the same kind of energy during the shoot that they do in their live shows.

Check out NPSH on iTunes. Additionally, the band has a blog (complete with video diaries from their tour van) and a Flickr account.