the 80's soothe my soul
Posted by Sarah Atwood
Facts of life

What is it about the 80's that I love? Is it the oversized pastel sweaters? Is it the big poofy hair? Is it the cheesy synthesized music? I can't quite put my finger on it but I think its a combination of all this and much, much more. I was a young child during this decade but I have tons of memories. My mom and I built our schedule around watching the evening sitcoms. The music and television made quite an impact on me. Good times!

To relive these carefree times, I like to scour the web for 80's TV intros. I have put together a selection for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy!

The Greatest American Hero theme is so darn uplifting. I can't help but feel empowered when watching this.

Who can't relate to "you take the good, you take the bad"? Thats a life lesson learned young right there. I just want to pinch Tootie's cheeks in the Facts of Life intro.

Aaaah, the thought of going where everybody knows your name. Just hearing the piano at the very beginning of the theme to Cheers makes me relax.

growing pains

I remember wanting to be raised in the Seaver family. That family photo in the intro to Growing Pains was so inviting. Mike and Carol were cool parents.

Good 'ol Tony Macelli! And how could you not love Mona? She was the coolest grandma. The Who's the Boss intro is fun.

Family Ties

Another family I wanted to be a part of was the Keaton's. Mostly because I wanted to be sisters with Justine Bateman's character. The Family Ties intro has a great family portrait, as well.