eqal expands the lonelygirl15 universe
Posted by Steve Woolf

By now the image of Bree sitting at her computer in her bedroom is iconic. Everyone has heard the story and the massive hubbub over the "discovery" that Bree was in fact a fictional character played by actress Jessica Rose in a serialized universe called Lonelygirl15.

What people now realize is that Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, and their fabulous creative team at Eqal invented a world that extended beyond the videos that the characters inhabited. Imagine a book extending beyond the last page or a movie continuing past the last film frame. Now imagine that you could play a part in the way the story unfolded. That is immersive stuff, and that is the future of entertainment. That's why they are this week's FU of the week.

Kate Modern extended the LG15 universe to East London and followed a young avid blogger, Kate, and her friends as she discovers the truth behind the meaning of her abnormal blood type "trait positive" and the secret organization after it.

And now the third series to emerge from the LG15 universe is The Resistance. It officially launched on September 16. From Eqal's blog:

Over the last few months we've been hard at work putting together the latest installment in the LG15 Universe, LG15: The Resistance. The story has already begun to unfold on and around the web. Who or what is the Hymn Of None? Why are they defacing a variety of websites throughout the LG15 Universe? How is this connected to the Crowley Collection? Where does Lifes Blood Labs fit into all this, and are they to be trusted? Why is Sarah so bored? Most importantly, where is Jonas? Will he rejoin the fight? LG15: The Resistance explores the continuing adventure of Jonas and Sarah as they work with an expanded cast of characters to fight the Order and other organizations that may pose an even greater threat...

We've known Miles and Greg for a while now, and Zadi and I are so impressed by what they have built with Eqal. We believe that community and immersion are the hallmarks of truly innovative web shows, and these guys currently own that market for fictional episodic original shows on the web. From viewer meetups, scavenger hunts, physical interactions with show characters, and ARGs, to deals with major entertainment companies like CBS to help them extend their television programming, these guys have made a huge impact and left very large footprints.