film your issue!
Posted by Zadi Diaz
film your issue

Back in 2006, I had the pleasure of meeting Heathcliff Rothman through a chance encounter. He had seen the music video mashup I had created about Hurricane Katrina and wanted to meet and talk about a project he was working on called Film Your Issue (FYI). It was a project aimed at encouraging young adults to participate in public discourse through video about issues that mattered most to them.

FYI has grown in size and scope. With a jury including the likes of Walter Kronkite, Tom Brokaw, George Clooney and Barack Obama, it's pretty exciting that young people are using their voices to get their views on important issues out there.

Instead of your regular dry public service announcement FYI aims to showcase compelling, story-driven videos about serious issues like orphans in Africa, child abuse, Roe vs. Wade, depression, gas conservation, disability and any other topics that are of importance to 14-24 year olds. Here are a few:

Film Your Issue

An Idea in the Making