FU of the week: big fantastic
Posted by Zadi Diaz

When Big Fantastic came on the new media scene with Sam Has 7 Friends in 2006, not many web producers were making dramatic serialized short-form content. The storyline to SH7F was compelling: "Samantha Breslow has seven friends. On December 15, 2006, one of them will kill her."

The project was a self-funded experiment. With $50,000 on hand, the team -- comprised of Douglas Cheney, Chris Hampel, Chris McCaleb and Ryan Wise -- set out to create eighty ninety-second episodes. After the first season had ended, it caught the eye of Michael Eisner who bought the rights to season one, an option to produce future seasons, and the opportunity to create new shows for his new media production company, Vuguru. The rest, as they say, is history.

Well, not exactly...

Sorority Forever Trailer - Series Premiere 9/8 on MySpaceTV 9AM

It's way to be calling anything history at this point in the game. And though Big Fantastic has some substantial experience under their belt with Prom Queen, CockPit, Foreign Body and now Sorority Forever, these guys are poised to be hard-core players as this landscape keeps growing. With Emmy nominated work and deals struck with Warner Brothers, Vuguru, 60 Frames, Generate LA-NY, and others, it'll be exciting to see how the careers of the Big Fantastic team unfolds.