himsa, death metal that will live forever in the cloud
Posted by Zadi Diaz

It's a bit funny that we would feature a band which no longer exists, but music knows no boundaries.

Such is Himsa, which means violence in Sanskrit. Himsa, a death metal band, formed in Seattle in 1998, signed with an independent label three years later, toured the world, released four albums and had their last show in August of this year. A pretty intense ten year run.

Their last music video, for the song Big Timber, features sasquatch marionettes who meet their doom. It's morbidly funny. I love seeing puppet guts strung all over the place.

I also think a band who doesn't take themselves too seriously, is seriously awesome -- as seen below:

HIMSA - Unleash Carnage

This is a band you have to have around when that inner rage starts bubbling... You can let it all out and remember it's all fun in the end.

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