is an innocent man about to be executed?
Posted by Steve Woolf


Our friend Jeff Marks from Moblogic pointed us to a story they covered a couple of days ago about Troy Davis, a man on death row in Georgia. Jeff wrote:

I'm trying to spread the word about this story we've got up on MobLogic. This dude on death row in GA, Troy Davis is set to be executed on Tues. night. There are very serious questions about whether this guy is really guilty or not, but his legal options have run out, and it looks like the system is just going to grind him up. Lindsay [Campbell, host of Moblogic] did a great job of laying out the details in this show we posted on Friday. When you hear the story, you'll get what I'm saying about how shocking the whole thing is, and how the story barely rates on the MSM radar.

There's more on Troy Davis' website and a letter from Troy posted on the Moblogic blog.

With seven of nine eyewitnesses against Troy recanting their testimony, and claims that the real murdered has confessed, why hasn't his execution been put on hold for further investigation?

UPDATE: Troy Davis received a stay of execution less than two hours before he was to be put to death by lethal injection. More here.