liars rock the wtf factor
Posted by Zadi Diaz

Liars make some freakin' trippy ass videos and I think that's why I'm falling in love with them. I admit, I'm a bit ashamed that I hadn't heard of their music before I saw their most recent video for Plaster Casts of Everything, which actually came out last year. Shame on me.

Although Liars -- now made up of vocalist Angus Andrew, guitarist/percussionist Aaron Hemphill and drummer Julian Gross -- emerged during the post-punk revival scene in New York City, they made sure they wouldn't be pigeonholed... and that they did pretty well.

For their second full-length album, They Were Wrong, So We Drowned, they moved to a cabin in the woods of New Jersey and buried themselves in non-fiction accounts of witch trials and folklore. The result was a non-traditional sound that was thematically rich and layered, but confusing to many critics.

They moved to Berlin to record their third full-length album, Drum's Not Dead, where they experimented heavily with drum beats, filtering them through various effects. Accompanied with a falsetto sound, the album ended up sounding more ethereal than their previous album.

Last year they released their self-titled fourth album Liars which includes the song from the music video we featured on the show, Plaster Casts of Everything.

What's most intriguing about the band, and probably why I'll continue to tune into what they're doing, is that they seem to do exactly what they want to do, defying expectations, and experimenting and embracing the crazy nature of their creativity.

Check out some of their other music videos, some of which were directed by members of the band. Pretty twisted.

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