punk influenced hip-hop by doomtree
Posted by Rick Rey


Some of you Midwestern hip hop fans may already be familiar with the Minneapolis-based collective known as Doomtree. I guess it's fitting we spotlight the group as the RNC rages on in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Even though Doomtree just independently released their self-titled debut album this summer, many of the group's 5 emcees and 6 DJs/producers have been part of the hip hop scene for years, particularly in the Twin Cities area. Given the size of the crew, it's hard to get them all together in the same place at the same time for a gig, but every December they gather for the annual Doomtree Blowout.

The video for Drumsticks continues the trend of bicycles in indie music videos, and it features a multi-screen editing technique that works well for a group this size. Be sure to check out their MySpace for more videos, and their Wikipedia entry for bios on each group member.