startup to develop anti-robot technologies
Posted by Rick Rey

Some say it's a hoax or part of a Terminator ARG, but others say it's legit. UK-based dot com millionaire Ben Way has purportedly launched a new startup called Weapons Against Robots (WAR), "the world's first defense company solely dedicated to weaponry against robotic entities."

The website itself is pretty bare bones, which doesn't lend much credibility to the company, but it does give a little insight into the projects supposedly in development:

Electric Storm-AX1
"A simple to use microwave high energy device that disrupts and destroys nearby electrical systems"

Detection Systems
"Advanced magnetic field and electrical noise detectors will provide advance warning of UAV's and Digital Entities"

Robo Virus Deployment
"Rapid intelligence virus systems that can infiltrate robotic systems to provide data monitoring or control"

Despite the fact that it reads like a 5 dollar sci-fi novel, it definitely makes you think about how we might protect ourselves against a massive robot attack. Whether or not this is the real deal, it's an interesting concept and something the human race may need to consider in the post-Singularity era. Not to mention, the U.S. military (and I'm sure others around the world) are already researching automated defense systems, artificial intelligence, and robotic soldier enhancements.

If WAR is some sort of prank or ARG component, I won't be disappointed - defense spending is already through the roof and the robot threat is pretty much non-existent at this point. I also prefer to think about pleasant things like leprechauns, ponies, and rainbows - rather than the end of human-kind as we know it.

But I wouldn't mind having one of those Robo Viruses to deploy on April Fool's Day. Prank of the century!

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