the human body is more than a fantasy
Posted by Steve Woolf

Margot Quan Knight is able to achieve an amazingly wide range of reactions in her photographs. At once I'm amused, intrigued, repulsed, and just a tad bit titillated. It's no easy feat to conjure up that many emotions from a viewer. Not to mention that she gets us past the fact that these are all works of digital manipulation, which is so easily a ruinous distraction. Generally her work is fascinating and possesses great depth, and much of it makes me wonder about the story behind the photos.

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The Taking Care series is by far my favorite among the pieces shown on her site. The only missteps are the ones that go into what seems like a "monster" mode, which takes me too far outside of the context of the photos.

These have a remarkably innocent tone, as if you're seeing a defenseless creature. Really wonderful stuff.

The Fabrica series is just a technically impressive, but the images are not as emotive for me. Here are a couple of my favorites.

And I love the Garden series, as well. Complete fantasy with such a quirky romance going on. She has a real command of the tools she uses.