voting registration deadline soon!
Posted by Rick Rey

The first wave of voter registration deadlines sweeps a bunch of states on October 6th, so you might only have a few days left. Make sure you take a look at the election calendar here. In today's episode, Zadi mentioned a couple of online resources to make registration a relatively quick & painless process.

Declare Yourself

Declare Yourself produced an interesting set of PSA's called Only You Can Silence Yourself, featuring Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, and other celebs. It's also a good resource for election info and absentee ballot requests. They are big proponents of early voting, which many states offer without requiring a valid excuse. I like this option, because it will protect you against any... umm "voting machine malfunctions."

Rock the Vote

The other big player in the online registration game is fan favorite Rock the Vote. They have been touring the country with a big painted bus and organizing gigs and music festivals on college campuses and small venues all over the place. They have registered 1.8 million voters. Not bad!

And here's a little bonus I'm throwing in for all you out-of-state college students. At you can determine where your vote will make the biggest impact. Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that college students can vote at home or at school -- you have options. Instead of voting where it's most convenient, why not vote where it will count the most?