william lamson is much more than exploding bananas
Posted by Steve Woolf

William Lamson created a 6 minute long video called Think Globally, Act Locally in which he exploded a bunch of bananas on a mask attached to his face. We featured pieces of this video on an earlier episode of the show without our realizing the wonderful array of work he has on his site. Luckily we found it!

With an impressive array of work for a young artist, William has a number of series that I can't seem to stop looking at. I just wish his site wasn't so slow (grrrr) and that I could embed some of the fantastic videos he has in this blog post.

His Actions series is simply great. You're waiting there, anticipating something to happen, and when it does it's really funny and really resonant.

In an interview with Corduroy Magazine, William says the following about his work:

My work often deals with two opposing forces: gravity and human force. I create specific challenges for the characters in my work. There is a delicacy and violence in these challenges and in how the masculine figure deals with them.

An earlier series, Sublunar, has a lot of the elements he is talking about. For this series he writes, "This project investigates the flight endeavor as it represents the desire to escape earth and the hop of surpassing human limitation."

Clearly William Lamson is not afraid to explore different worlds and even though his words are serious, the work indicates that he doesn't take himself too seriously. Something frequently missing from the art world.

Go check out more of William's work on his website, you won't be disappointed.