checking out a new show: "duck 'n cover"
Posted by Steve Woolf

Our friend Brian Lerner co-created and writes a new web series that has been showing some damn funny promos the past few weeks, and today the first episode launched! We always get excited any time people associated with the show do their thing. Let's not forget that Brian was part of the team for the first few months when we rolled out Jet Set Show back in June, 2006, and recently did a correspondent interview with the band Drive A. So we go waaaaay back!

A still frame from Duck 'n Cover

So what's the show about? Here's a passage from the show's website:

When Miller and McKenna lost their respective partners in a controversial and widely-publicized failed drug bust, the two greenhorn detectives were paired up to fight crime the only way they know how... sloppily. After months of mandatory couples therapy and the occasional physical altercation, they are now on the mend and out to make their mark in law enforcement.

Duck 'N Cover is a modern-day buddy cop show ready to do for Web 2.0 what Web 1.0 did for compulsive masturbators.

I definitely laughed out loud at some of the promos they did (one of them embedded above), and you can get a sense for where they're going with the first longer episode. I'm not sure what the release schedule will be yet, but head on over, check out a few videos, and let them know what you think on their Facebook group.

It's a hell of a time to be a filmmaker. Seeing our friends roll out shows and taking advantage of what the web has to offer is really edifying. One thing I think they should be doing, though, is using a service like to offer an embeddable video right from their website so I could have put the first episode right on this page.