diseased, maimed, and mutilated: awesome doll heads by justin aerni
Posted by Steve Woolf

24-year-old artist Justin Aerni is definitely prolific. On his website and in his Flickr stream he has dozens of works, many of them dealing with dark and fantastical imagery. My favorite stuff, especially around this time of the year (Halloween!) are the doll head scultptures.

On his website, Justin writes about his work:

Most of my work depicts my own inner thoughts and emotions. It is a raw expression thought. Most of my work so far has been symbolic in dealing with what I and other humans fear most, Death. My work reflects the fragile human condition we are all held in.

Looks like he melts some of the plastic and uses paint and tools to shape the end result. I really like the experimentation with text and the way he includes parts of other pieces of media in the work. In the one above, it looks like he has cut eyes out from a magazine.

Some of the doll heads are more successful than others, but the ones that are really creepy are the ones where he lets some of the innocence shine through; the kind of blank expression that seems to indicate the the doll feels just fine about things the way they are.

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