the young punx do mashpop
Posted by Rick Rey


The Young Punx are a London-based duo of electronic musicians on the cusp of the mashup/fusion scene - they are known to blend a variety of musical styles in their work, including rock, disco, jazz, and classical. They seem to have a great sense of humor and a Banksy-like appreciation for pop culture.

When I was researching the band, I came across an introduction video they produced for Young Punx noobs. That's quite the novel thing to do - you don't see bands doing this very often, yet. Check it out:

Here's a snippet of the bio they posted on their Myspace profile:

Their fresh and energetic sound that they term 'Mashpop and punkstep' is the natural next step in the evolution of mashup music - fusing elements of house, electro, breaks and drum and bass with an eclectic soundclash of popular culture references.

The video we featured on the show was a Norman Cook (AKA Fatboy Slim) remix of the song You've Got To. Check out the original here. You can grab their debut album Your Music Is Killing Me on iTunes.