asher roth has nothing and everything to prove
Posted by Paul Dateh


Say what you will about Asher Roth, but one thing is undeniable: the buzz surrounding this guy is insane.

If you follow hip-hop blogs or message boards, chances are you've already heard about Asher Roth. You probably already know that he currently holds the record for having the most-downloaded mixtape in the country - "the greenhouse effect" - and you've probably already heard the comparisons to Eminem.

But if you haven't yet heard of Asher Roth, you likely will be soon. Currently gearing to release his first record at the top of the coming year, this 23-year-old has both everything and nothing to prove.

By "everything", I'm speaking of the record companies, the fans, and even the skeptic listeners that are eagerly waiting to see Roth's impact on the music industry. By "nothing", I'm speaking of the image he puts forward in promoting himself and his music - an image that is based on the minutiae of middle class youth culture.

Whether Asher Roth will prove himself worthy of all his current buzz is unknown, but that very buzz signifies that mainstream hip-hop is wanting something different and new. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Check out "I Love College" -- the first single off Asher Roth's upcoming album entitled "Red Plastic Cup" -- in the video above.

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